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Hasegawa Immigration Administrative Office

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, are you concerned about the following issues?

You want to expand overseas sales channels, but cannot find any leads.

You want to expand your business but lack manpower.

You want to hire a foreigner, but are worried about whether he/she will fit in with the company.

We provide comprehensive support for foreigners working in Japan, from work visa applications to post-employment care.

Application Services

Work visa application service for foreign nationals

(we apply for work visas on behalf of foreign nationals so they can legally work in Japan)
From 100,000 yen per case

Visa renewal/change application

(we handle procedures for change or renewal of status of residence on your behalf)
From 70,000 yen per case

Application for incorporation of a corporation

(support for incorporation procedures, preparation of articles of incorporation, etc.)
From 100,000 yen Legal fees not included

Support after hiring foreign personnel

We support the activities of foreign personnel after they join your company.

If the personnel is Thai, we can conduct interviews in Thai. By speaking directly with them in their native language, we can get close to the voice of their hearts, which is usually difficult to convey.

Support for overseas expansion

We are multilingual tax accountants.

We are well versed in taxation, various treaty filings, and accounting procedures for overseas expansion.

Multifaceted support

We collaborate with lawyers, laborers, judicial scriveners, and other work networks, as well as study abroad agents with bases in Thailand and Indonesia.

StanRiver Certified Public Tax Accountants' Corporation

Tax and accounting services Ms. Eriko Hasegawa assits there as a certified tax accountant

Jeducation Co.,Ltd.

Study abroad agents in Thailand and Indonesia, Japanese language schools, and one of the largest Japanese exhibitions in Thailand.

M&A Group

M&A Group offers a wide range of services including incorporation, accounting, business consulting, etc. in Thailand.

President: Eriko Hasegawa, Notary Public


Hamura City, Tokyo

Study Thai and English, cooking with children, traveling, eating out, diving, yoga, etc.

Family of four
Husband, who runs a Japanese language school in Thailand and Indonesia, and twin elementary school-aged children.

Career History

To all those who wish to work in Japan

My name is Eriko Hasegawa, President of Hasegawa Administrative Immigration Office, Notary Public. Currently, the Japanese government is easing visa requirements for university and vocational school graduates to stay in Japan. New systems (e.g., the Future Talent Creation System (J-Find) are being established to aid in acceptance of foreign nationals with specific skills (in the nursing care field, etc.) in order to attract talented people who have graduated from universities and vocational schools. 

Let’s make your dream of working in Japan come true together!

What kind of dreams, expectations, or anxieties do you have about working in Japan? How long have you been studying Japanese and hoping to work in Japan? I was fascinated by Thailand after my first trip there when I was a university student. I started studying the Thai language because I wanted to work in Thailand someday. I studied and worked hard to reach my goal. From 2005 to 2014, I was able to work for a Japanese government agency and a Japanese food company in Bangkok, the Capitol of Thailand. When I was first assigned to Thailand, I was very happy and full of anticipation.

However, when I actually arrived there, I found that my Thai pronunciation was not good and I could not communicate with the local people at all. Of course, I had to perform my duties in Thai at work, so I studied and practiced hard every day.

Working and living abroad was more difficult than I had imagined. However, within six months I became accustomed to life in Thailand and was able to do my work in Thai,  thanks to the local staff I worked with, who always listened to my slow Thai and taught me about the language and culture. I feel that I was able to gain the support of those around me by not giving up, continuing my studies, and maintaining my enthusiasm to live and work well in Thailand.

There are many students who come to Japan to study because they love Japanese culture, or they traveled to Japan and fell in love with the country, etc. I believe that it is important for students to have the opportunity to learn about Japan and its culture. I started this job because I want to support and encourage these people to work in Japan, based on my own experience.

Many Japanese who do not have opportunities to interact with foreigners may keep their distance from foreigners who cannot speak Japanese or are reluctant to observe Japanese culture and customs. However, if you can understand correctly what the Japanese are trying to say, follow the culture and customs, and make an effort to learn a few tricks of working with the Japanese, you will be able to live comfortably in Japan and build a career in Japan with support from the Japanese.

Our main business is to act as an intermediary for your work visa application, but if you have any questions or concerns after joining a company, such as “I want to communicate more with people at work, I want to get used to the workplace, or I want to know about the customs and culture of Japanese companies,” please do not hesitate to contact our office in Thai or English. Please feel free to consult with us in Thai or English if you have any questions or concerns. We will support you by acting as a bridge between you and the company you are working for, such as listening to your voice and communicating your true intentions and requests to the management so that you can proceed with your work smoothly.

We hope to create a multicultural society in which Japanese people can naturally accept and work together with foreign nationals as they play an active role in Japan.

Every summer vacation, Eriko travels with her children to visit her husband in Bangkok to recharge her energy and improve her Thai language skills.
Office name Hasegawa Immigration Administrative Office
President Eriko Hasegawa
location Hamura City, Tokyo
Tel 090-6543-1002
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